Community Education Programs

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Virginia Beach History Museums’ community education programs are led by trained educators, and are strongly aligned with the most up-to-date Virginia Standards of Learning in support of Virginia's 5 C’s . Our programs provide meaningful STEAM experiences through the lens of History & Social Science. Students will engage in 45-minute programs that promote a sense of curiosity through unique, hands-on programming that brings history to life. At only $5 per student, our community education programs provide an excellent value. Community education programs are designed to accommodate one class per session.

Please plan to make reservations for school programs at least a month in advance. Call (757) 385-5100, or email, to make reservations. Read below for program availability.


First Peoples of Virginia (Grades: K-12)
Students will discover how Native Americans lived and thrived in Virginia prior to European arrival. Learn about daily life for the Chesopeian and Powhatan Indians, how the environment of Virginia impacted life, and practice mapping skills to locate Powhatan Indian territory. With reproduction artifacts, and hands-on activities, your students will enjoy learning about the First Peoples of Virginia.


History Mystery Reader (Grades: K-2)
What is America's Origin Story? What is a colony? Who are the "Founding Fathers" and why are they called that? Become a History Mystery Reader, learn more about the beginnings of our country and get to know John, Paul, George, Ben and Tom, five men who helped change America. Put on your creativity caps and engage in an interactive art activity about what you learned!

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