Field Trip Opportunities

The Virginia Beach History Museums educational programs directly support teachers’ instructional needs.


Programs are led by trained educators and are strongly aligned with the most up-to-date SOLs for Social Studies (2015) and Science (2010). At only $3.00 per student, programs provide great value. Students will experience unique, hands-on programming that brings history to life. All onsite programming includes a tour of the historic site and two educational stations. Programming lasts 90 minutes.

We can accommodate roughly three classes (75 people) at a time. We are happy to schedule visits over multiple days for larger school groups. Please plan to make reservations for school programs at least two weeks in advance.

Call (757) 385-5100 for reservations. For more information about educational programs please contact Sarah Linden-Brooks, our School Programs Coordinator, at or (757)385-5118.


Then and Now (Recommended grades K-3)

In this program, students step back in time and explore life 200 years ago. Your students will compare and contrast life long ago with life today. Tour the Francis Land House, explore history from a child’s perspective, and experiment with the toys and tools of the past. Program incorporates science SOLs about change and motion as well as social studies SOLs about comparing and contrasting viewpoints.

Social Studies SOLs: K.1, K.2, K.3, 1.1, 1.7, 3.1, 3.8, 3.9 Science SOLs: K.10, K.11, 1.2

Programming lasts approximately 90 minutes

Plantation Life in Federal Virginia (Recommended grades 4-7)

This onsite program examines life in Virginia during the Federal period of 1780-1830. Tour the Francis Land House, examine life in Early America, and discuss the role of enslaved people on a plantation. This program incorporates science SOLs about natural resources and watersheds while highlighting social studies SOLs on the Articles of Confederation and technological advances in Federal Virginia.

Social Studies SOLs: VS.1, VS.6, USI.7, USI.8 Science SOLs: 4.9, 6.7, LS.11

Programming lasts approximately 90 minutes


Guided Museum Tour (Recommended for grades 5-12)
Explore a museum dedicated to the first high school for African Americans in Virginia Beach. Today, the legacy of the school continues as this museum shares stories of civic engagement, the importance of education, and expanding opportunities for minorities in the 20th century. Tour incorporates social studies SOLs on Jim Crow Virginia, the New Deal, and the Civil Rights Era.

Social Studies SOLs: VS.7a, VS.8a, VS.8b, USII.3b, USII.4c, USII.6d, USII.8d, USII.9d, VUS.6e, VUS.8d, VUS.10d, VUS.13b, VUS.13c

Programming lasts approximately 45 minutes


Currently closed for restoration. Check back soon to discover field trip options at this site.


We are excited to announce that when the site reopens this spring, we will be offering new educational programs. Check back soon to discover field trip options at this site.